We are pretty sure you love games we develop!

What is our secret?   Honestly, there is one and we are not going to hide it from you. We love them ourselves. We saw a big spot of games, we had our preferences, but we all decided: we can develop our own games to fill the gaps! Our team is the best example of how this principle works: veterans with over 10 years of experience from game industry as well as new talents united by one similarity - all of them know how to work their magic.

Why are we here?   Starting as a small independent studio we quickly decided that we could, or should not, compete with the popular games, caught our eye. Most of them demand unreflecting actions from players and it is definitely not we aim to. Our games have to be smart, attractive, spellbinding and free to play. Our mission is to deliver games beyond expectation that the players will be glad to pay for.

What are our advantages?   No platform or programming language is foreign to us. Concentrating our work on quality and innovative ideas, we managed to implement the agile development process, which makes it easy to jump-start projects and ensures the result get delivered on time while exceeding functional expectations.

What does matter most?   We enjoy developing games and we love the results we get! What else may be needed?

To find out, please, feel free to call us on +7 495 764 62 20 or to contact us info@insgames.com

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